• Theo's Wacky Watermelon (6-Pack)
  • Pack of Theo's Wacky Watermelon with watermelon explosion background
  • Three packs of Theo's Wacky Watermelon with watermelon slices
  • Packs of Theo's Wacky Watermelon with pieces of gum

Theo's Wacky Watermelon (6-Pack)

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Placeholder. Bubblegum Kids is a delightful sugarless gum that captures the timeless taste of Classic bubble gum in a variety of flavors, taking you on a nostalgic journey back to carefree days while being surprisingly sugar-free. Indulge in Barry's Scary Berry, a unique burst of berry sweetness.

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Flavor Profile
Theo was wandering through Bubblegum Land when he got lost in the Marshmallow Forest. There, he encountered a magical fairy who gifted him enchanted beans. Theo took them home and planted them in his backyard. Overnight, they sprouted into the biggest watermelon ever seen. With its juicy magic, he crafted wacky watermelon gum, bursting with an unparalleled flavor. Everyone in Bubblegum Land adored it, but no one could replicate its unique taste. After a while the gum ran out and the fairy who had given him the beans vanished, never to be seen again. To this day Theo is still searching to create more gum.

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BGK bubblegum isn't just delicious. It's a high-quality, health-conscious alternative to traditional bubblegum.

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