• Bubblegum’s Original Blend (6-Pack)
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  • Bubblegum’s Original Blend with pink swirl
  • Packs of Bubblegum’s Original Blend and pieces of gum
  • Packs of Bubblegum’s Original Blend on pieces of gum
  • Bubble gum, six pack, iso
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Bubblegum’s Original Blend (6-Pack)

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Take a trip down memory lane with Bubblegum’s Original Blend—limited edition bubble gum that's sure to satisfy your nostalgia cravings. Enjoy the classic flavor with a hint of fun in every chew! Who knew bubble gum could be such a blast from the past?

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Flavor Profile
Introducing Bubblegum’s Original Blend, an unmatched burst of sweetness. In the candy realm of Bubblegum Land, young Bubblegum led the adventurous Bubblegum Kids, known for exploring sugary wonders. His dream: invent a unique bubblegum flavor. For years he journeyed through Licorice Mountains, candy cane forests, and more, seeking only the best ingredients. After months of crafting, he perfected his very own “Original" blend of bubblegum – a burst of sweet flavors. Shared across Bubblegum Land, it became a sought-after treat, making Bubblegum's dream a reality!

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BGK bubblegum isn't just delicious. It's a high-quality, health-conscious alternative to traditional bubblegum.

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