• Hannah's Frozen Banana (6-Pack)
  • Pack of Hannah's Frozen Banana with banana explosion background
  • Three packs of Hannah's Frozen Banana with banana slices
  • Packs of Hannah's Frozen Banana with pieces of gum and banana slices

Hannah's Frozen Banana (6-Pack)

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Take a trip down memory lane with Bubblegum Kids limited edition gum that's sure to satisfy your nostalgia cravings. Enjoy unique flavors with a hint of fun in every chew! Immerse yourself into Bubblegum Land where each flavor has its own unique story. Who knew gum could be so fun?

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Flavor Profile
In Bubblegum Land, Hannah's latest creation was the talk of the town: Frozen Banana gum. Using magical bananas from the Spicy Icy Meadows, she kept them in her enchanted freezer. Each banana had a sparkly peel and a cool, refreshing taste. Hannah's gum was a hit; with every chew, it felt like biting into a chilled banana. One evening, a mischievous Gnome tried to steal her magical bananas. With quick thinking, Hannah trapped him in a bubble and struck a deal. He'd protect her freezer in exchange for a lifetime supply of gum. Harmony restored, Bubblegum Land celebrated Hannah's creation.

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BGK bubblegum isn't just delicious. It's a high-quality, health-conscious alternative to traditional bubblegum.

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