• Daisy's Strawberry Field (6-Pack)
  • Daisy's Strawberry Field pack with strawberry splash background
  • Three packs of Daisy's Strawberry Field with strawberries
  • Packs of Daisy's Strawberry Field with pieces of gum and strawberries

Daisy's Strawberry Field (6-Pack)

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Take a trip down memory lane with Bubblegum Kids limited edition gum that's sure to satisfy your nostalgia cravings. Enjoy unique flavors with a hint of fun in every chew! Immerse yourself into Bubblegum Land where each flavor has its own unique story. Who knew gum could be so fun?

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In Bubblegum Land, Daisy's family farm was known for its strawberries, nurtured for decades to perfection. These strawberries, plump and bursting with sweetness, were the secret to Daisy's famous Strawberry Field gum. Each piece encapsulated the essence of the farm, a blend of sun-kissed warmth and juicy delight. No one could rival this creation, as the family’s unique growing techniques and dedication were unparalleled. The gum became a symbol of Bubblegum Land’s finest, a tribute to tradition and excellence. With every chew, Daisy's Strawberry Field gum brought smiles, sharing the legacy of her family's renowned strawberries with the world.

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BGK bubblegum isn't just delicious. It's a high-quality, health-conscious alternative to traditional bubblegum.

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